Thursday, 5 November 2015

5 Common Mistakes Air Hockey Players Make

Do you love air hockey and want to take it to next level by improving your skills? For this you need to go to the basics and have a look at the common mistakes most of the air hockey players make. Once you know about these mistakes and get over these, you can proudly call yourself a perfect player with all the understanding.

Go through the common mistakes below to understand the game better and have a complete dominance over air hockey table.

1. Incorrect holding of mallet: Right handling and holding of the mallet is really essential to play game with proper techniques. If you go as per the design of air hockey mallet, you need to grab the top of the center knob, but for better accuracy and speed you should hold the mallet behind the knob.

2. Wrong defensive stance: Defense by leaning shoulders forward and torso over the table by around 80% of players is one of the most common mistakes by even experienced players. Leaning over air hockey table affects the under bank stoppage. Moving backward gets difficult due to forward lean and affects your mental condition by putting you in more of a charge-and-snag state of mind.

Right defensive mechanics:

Bent at the knee with right leg forward

Keep right knee off the table

Keep left leg back

Position torso nearly 90 degrees to the floor

Let the left hand rest on the railing’s edge

3. Limited knowledge of different tactics: To prove yourself as an experienced and perfect air hockey player, you should be aware about both the least and the most effective tactics. Answers of below mentioned questions can help you understand different tactics and improve your skills.

What shots are scored on you?

What is the percentage of those shots?

What is the order of the shots?

4. Recentering on defense: One of the worst mistakes in air hockey is not recentering on defense. This is a mistake made by players of all skill levels.

5. Neglecting defense strategies: Though offense is important in the game, but to win the game every time, you should be equally aware of defense and offense strategies. So, practice defense strategies also.

If you have limited time to practice, attention to these small mistakes can highly improve your skills.

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